Telugu Actress Masala

Bhuvaneswari Aunty Molested And Warned Of Sex Video Expose

Posted on: February 12, 2009

Bhuvaneshwari, well known as a small screen vamp tried her luck in Telugu films, but she could not succeed a bit in it. Her ultra glam doll roles are fetching this hot aunty with a tinge role and so she is struggling hard to at least settle as a regular character artists like Hema.

Last year, Bhuvana did a hot and sizzling photo shoot in Chennai in order to gain some meaty roles in the film industry. But the lady could not succeed as the competition in glam world has increased.

Recently, it is reported that this lady had a bitter experience on a Television Serial shooting location. It is said that a young man, who came in a car to the television studio started to behave rudely with this lady. He enquired about Bhuvaneshwari on the sets and then went to her and spoke to her for few minutes. Then Bhuvaneshwari is reported to speak to the person in a loud voice and hence a small trouble was started.

According to a source, the man raised his voice and said “Hey Aunty Ratriki Vasthava!” and the whole unit members were shocked to see the man abusing Bhuvaneshwari in filthy language. It is also reported that though Bhuvaneshwari left the scene, the man was still walking in the studio and was disclosing some secrets about Bhuvaneshwari to the onlookers.

Later on, when enquired it was revealed that he happens to be the new boyfriend of Bhuvaneshwari. It is gossiped that since she deserted him for a new man, he was unable to digest the whole happening and wanted to defame Bhuvaneshwari in public. For this reason he came to the television serial location and started to abuse and threatened her that some of her secrets will be leaked to the media if she denied him.

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