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Actress Bindu Madhavi Exposes Cleavage, Armpits And Hips In Public

Posted on: February 12, 2009

Actress Bindu Madhavi who is well known as the female lead of Avakai Biryani is all set to storm the Telugu film industry with her beauty and assets. Recently, she was spotted in a public place with a male friend and was seen in a tight knee length blue gown which displayed her hot cleavage to all. The onlookers who were mostly well known socialites were seen surprised with the skin show as it was reported a bit more than usual.

Bindu was seen flaunting her whole cleavage and her two assets were split apart displaying her chest. It was supposed that the pretty lady did not even wear a brasserie inside and so her bulged up tips were clearly visible and were making every males pants hot, who were present there. Bindu was seen for just 30 minutes and then she was driven back to her home by her friend. Her high hips were super and when she raised her arms, her partly shaven armpits were tempting.

May be Bindu wants to stand out of all the present actresses and desires to bag some meaty roles opposite to big stars?

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