Telugu Actress Masala

Bhuvaneshwari, well known as a small screen vamp tried her luck in Telugu films, but she could not succeed a bit in it. Her ultra glam doll roles are fetching this hot aunty with a tinge role and so she is struggling hard to at least settle as a regular character artists like Hema.

Last year, Bhuvana did a hot and sizzling photo shoot in Chennai in order to gain some meaty roles in the film industry. But the lady could not succeed as the competition in glam world has increased.

Recently, it is reported that this lady had a bitter experience on a Television Serial shooting location. It is said that a young man, who came in a car to the television studio started to behave rudely with this lady. He enquired about Bhuvaneshwari on the sets and then went to her and spoke to her for few minutes. Then Bhuvaneshwari is reported to speak to the person in a loud voice and hence a small trouble was started.

According to a source, the man raised his voice and said “Hey Aunty Ratriki Vasthava!” and the whole unit members were shocked to see the man abusing Bhuvaneshwari in filthy language. It is also reported that though Bhuvaneshwari left the scene, the man was still walking in the studio and was disclosing some secrets about Bhuvaneshwari to the onlookers.

Later on, when enquired it was revealed that he happens to be the new boyfriend of Bhuvaneshwari. It is gossiped that since she deserted him for a new man, he was unable to digest the whole happening and wanted to defame Bhuvaneshwari in public. For this reason he came to the television serial location and started to abuse and threatened her that some of her secrets will be leaked to the media if she denied him.

Apoorva, the middle aged lady who is seen as a character artist in Telugu film industry is now in the news for posing in a romantic mood with a male. It is a fact that some females in the film industry try to hook some producers and directors with their beauties and activities.

In these lines some of the present actresses and character artists are roving in the Telugu film industry. Not all females in the industry come from this path, but maximum of them take this path as an easy way to stardom. In the same lines is Apoorva who is also spelt as Apurva Aunty in the filmnagar.

According to sources, this lady is caught in some poses with her lover and these snaps are available with a prominent person of the film industry. It is said that during her initial days, unable to withstand stiff competition, Apurva Aunty offered pleasure to seek the so called “Okka Chance”. Unfortunately, this whole deed was captured on a digital camera and these photos were circulated in foreign countries as Indian masala.

Recently, one of an NRI brought these photos to Hyderabad and showed it to some person in the film industry. The Hyderabad person immediately recognized the lady as Aporva and thus the matter leaked out in this way.

Apoorva is not a big celebrity to morph her photos and so who knows like in the movie “Khadgam” any male might have offered her a film role in the past in return to a favor and now the truth is out.

But really, according to some reliable photo owing sources, Apoorva is said to be a dolly in bed and her romantic poses and mood is said to make any old age man back on track. One of the pose shows her playing with the man’s tool and also is seen in a naughty mood

It is a fact that she has a gorgeous body with a naughty aunty face and as usual youngsters are thronging to the house of the person called Srinu who is residing in the outskirts of the city.

Jaya Lakshmi who was seen as a female lead in the movie such as Sakutumba Saparivara Sametham was later on gone from the Telugu film industry. She later on was featured as a sister in law of  Sumanth in the movie Madhu Masam. She was tagged as a character artist from then on and was either offered some glam doll roles or some character roles.

In order to maintain a high profile lavish living, she started to lure males with her hot body. It is said that her father Krishna Rao and Aadi Lakshmi soon started a sex racket in an apartment and the customers started to flow in.

According to the latest reports, recently, Jaya Lakshmi was caught red handed by the cops while involving in flesh trade and along with her few other girls from the film industry were also took into custody. According to the cop’s media report, Jaya Lakshmi was caught with three males in her bedroom in a compromising position and was also in an inebriated condition.

Unable to starve for money, Krishna Rao and Aadi Lakshmi forced their daughter into flesh trade and so Jaya Lakshmi ventured into the unlawful act. According, to the cops few DVD’s of adult content films and some videos involving some big stalwarts from the political and cinema industry were fetched. Jaya Lakshmi admitted that, these videos were used to blackmail some persons who were regular customers to them, in order to extort money.

Actress Bindu Madhavi who is well known as the female lead of Avakai Biryani is all set to storm the Telugu film industry with her beauty and assets. Recently, she was spotted in a public place with a male friend and was seen in a tight knee length blue gown which displayed her hot cleavage to all. The onlookers who were mostly well known socialites were seen surprised with the skin show as it was reported a bit more than usual.

Bindu was seen flaunting her whole cleavage and her two assets were split apart displaying her chest. It was supposed that the pretty lady did not even wear a brasserie inside and so her bulged up tips were clearly visible and were making every males pants hot, who were present there. Bindu was seen for just 30 minutes and then she was driven back to her home by her friend. Her high hips were super and when she raised her arms, her partly shaven armpits were tempting.

May be Bindu wants to stand out of all the present actresses and desires to bag some meaty roles opposite to big stars?

Neninthe movie team is back to Indian and presently a song is being re-shot in for this film. Already the promos are out and Ravi Teja is looking to hit the jack pot with this movie release. Two songs featuring Ravi with Siya and another one with Mumaith khan are on air and are said to be eye catching. The music is not as catchy, but the cinematography is excellent.

Meanwhile, Actress Siya who is about to make her debut with this film is all set to heat up the temperature’s of tollywood with this film release. She is tall, beautiful and ravishing with a spicy figure and a color that of a ripen apple.

According to unit sources of Neninthe, the actress has done some steamy scenes on a beach with Ravi Teja which came out impeccably superb and especially she looks hot in a wet dress displaying her black inner wear. She has large sized assets which are excellent and juicy and her luscious navel makes every male drool over her.

She is a 20 year old female who has graduated in Psychology and has done 18-19 ad film commercials. Her parents who belong to theatre world are happy that their daughter has made up to the movies.